Spring and Allergies

Spring is here and allergy season is near. For most of us living in Charlotte and surrounding areas that means the misery of itchy, watery eyes, sinus congestion, and headaches!

Urbana’s massage services that include the “head, hands, and feet” can do miracles as there are sinus pressure points on the face and head – as well as on our hands and feet.  I would suggest our Head to Toe service, Reflexology, or our Soul Experience. Keep in mind that you can always add aromatherapy to your treatment. Essential oils, such as eucalyptus, work wonders for sinus, colds, and congestion. Their properties aid in combating inflammation.

Also, after a sinus treatment, remember to hold on to a few tissues to blow your nose. That is best, versus sniffing back all that junk and counteracting your treatment. I recommend that you invest in a Neti Pot as well. You can find one at your local pharmacy or natural home-goods store. Your puffy eyes and cheeks and your pain-free head will thank you!

Sue Eang, LMBT
Urbana Wellness Spa