Relax with a Luxury Massage in Charlotte NC

Get ready to experience new levels of relaxation— at Urbana Wellness Spa, we provide the kind of luxury massage therapy that soothes your aching muscles and fills your body with a sense of tranquility. Come escape to our calming, retreat-like setting, where you will be pampered and treated like royalty from beginning to end! In just one visit, you’ll find out what it means to be rejuvenated in your body, mind and spirit. From a deep Swedish massage to an hour-long foot, hand and head massage, our therapeutic treatments leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed from head to toe.


Various Types of Therapeutic Massage Clients Love

As part of our mission to provide the best possible therapeutic massages and the most relaxing experience, we offer various types of therapeutic massages to clients throughout Charlotte. Choose from our various modalities in order to select the type of massage that is right for you! Our options include:

Swedish Blend: Let us soothe your cares away with this gentle, relaxing massage filled with long, smooth strokes. Whether you select a massage that lasts 45, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes, you’re sure to leave the office floating on a cloud.

  • $75 for 45 minute massage

  • $90 for 60 minute massage

  • $110 for 75 minute massage

  • $130 for 90 minute massage

  • $175 for 120 minute massage

Urbana Mom Massage: Expecting moms benefit from this wonderful prenatal massage, available to pregnant women after their first trimesters. Through a soothing, calming touch, our massage therapist can help reduce aches and pains, improve circulation and alleviate various physical discomforts infamous to the pregnancy experience. This massage is available in either 60- or 90-minute lengths.

  • $95 for 60 minute massage

  • $135 for 90 minute massage

Sole Tranquility: Give your feet the four-star treatment with this incredible shea butter foot massage, featuring the healing energy of warm stones. Let your tensions melt away with either the 30-minute foot massage or the 60-minute massage for feet, hands and head.

  • $60 for 30 minute (feet only) massage

  • $95 for 60 minute (head, hands, and feet) massage

Couple’s Massage Training: It’s hard to think of a more romantic gift to give your partner than the ability to give a therapeutic, luxurious massage to one another. Our couple’s massage-training class helps you care for your special someone through a 90-minute session, half on the massage table and half learning specific strokes. Leave with massage oil and techniques that you can practice at home!

  • $150 for 90 minutes

Whatever type of massage you choose, you can count on your massage therapist at Urbana Wellness Spa to take into account your individual preferences and needs. We listen to your concerns and pay attention to key problem areas so that we can use your massage not only to relax you, relieve stress and promote healing, but also to help enhance your immunity, relieve sinus congestion, improve posture, ease arthritis pain and more.


About Urbana Wellness Spa

An award-winning spa focused on giving each client the perfect treatment, Urbana Wellness specializes in both ancient and ultra-modern therapies. Through a variety of massage modalities, we are able to help you experience pure relaxation, healing and wellness. Our staff is made up of talented therapists and estheticians that are backed by tremendous experience and education, and they go above and beyond to provide tremendous service.

Ready to experience the relaxing, soothing atmosphere and luxury massage services offered by Urbana Wellness Spa? Come see for yourself why we have the luxury massage Charlotte, NC locals love! Contact us today to book an appointment!