Achieve Wellness with Our Variety of Relaxation Massage Therapies in Charlotte NC

Urbana Wellness Spa is an award winning spa, focused on giving you the perfect treatment.  Experience pure de-stressing, balancing, healing, and wellness using therapies both ancient and ultra-modern.  We specialize in a variety of massage modalities. Our therapists and estheticians are above and beyond the best with tremendous experience, education and integrity.


Swedish Blend

Surrender yourself in this gentle de-stressing massage, composed of long, smooth, gliding strokes. This soothing treatment will leave you floating.

$  60 | 30 minutes
$  80 | 45 minutes
$  95 | 60 minutes
$115 | 75 minutes
$135 | 90 minutes
$185 | 120 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

Perfect for guests looking for either a deep tissue, neuromuscular or sports massage or a combination of all three.  Deep tissue massage is a strong, focused massage that targets deeper layers of the muscle tissue and fascia, while breaking down adhesions. Neuromuscular massage utilizes deep pressure and friction to release areas of strain on specific points for relief of pain and promote increased mobility and balance the central nervous system.  Sports massage combine deep tissue massage with passive and active stretching techniques the goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from an event.

$  60 | 30 minutes
$  80 | 45 minutes
$  95 | 60 minutes
$115 | 75 minutes
$135 | 90 minutes

Urbana Mom Massage

This prenatal massage is a time to experience relaxation for the mother to be. This healing and nurturing massage is available after the first trimester of pregnancy. The kind touch of our therapist, will gently reduce aches and pains, ease swelling and improve circulation; relieving many of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy.

$  95 | 60 minutes
$135 | 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Heated, healing river stones are used to realign the flow of energy, rebalance body and mind, and melt away tension, creating a truly blissful experience.

$  85 | 45 minutes
$105 | 60 minutes
$125 | 75 minutes
$145 | 90 minutes
$205 | 120 minutes

Urbana Massage Sampler

Not sure which massage you want to try? Let us make the perfect suggestion for you, and try several styles with our customized Sampler. Enjoy our signature East West Healing, Hot Stone, and Foot Massage. Guests who schedule a 90 minute service will also experience Aromatherapy.

$105 | 60 minutes
$125 | 75 minutes
$145 | 90 minutes

Ashiatsu Massage

Buddhist monks created this ancient form of bodywork to help alleviate neck and lower back pain, improve posture and increase energy circulation. The therapist holds onto ceiling bars while applying pressure as deeply as desired to the client’s body by using his/her weight.  Ashiatsu barefoot massage allows the therapist to manipulate soft tissue  leaving the body feeling restored and rejuvenated.

$105 | 60 minutes
$125 | 75 minutes
$145 | 90 minutes

Thai Poultice Herbal Treatment

Experience new levels of serenity with a luxurious massage that incorporates herbal poultice massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy. This service is based on a treatment that was performed in the 14th century to rejuvenate skin and muscles. This technique also uses Thai table massage to open energy meridians, while a heated herbal poultice is pressed onto the body to help detoxify and improve circulation. This massage modality incorporates a tea-infused herbal poultices containing lavender and chamomile.

$145 | 90 minutes

Table Thai

Experience Nuad Boran, known in the west as Thai massage.  Based on traditional Thai medicine, our table version, involves yoga posture stretching, compression, meditation, and acupressure.  It is perfect for deep relaxation, increased flexibility and range of motion, and balancing mind, body and spirit.

*This massage is performed fully clothed. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended.

$  95 | 60 minute
$135 | 90 minute

Essential Wellness Therapy

Bring your true Urbana Wellness Experience inside and out with our Essential Wellness Therapy. We use a hand-picked selection of essential oils in a beneficial combination of aromatherapy and massage to aid in restorative health throughout the entire body system- physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Essential Wellness Therapy is ideal for easing back pain, finding true relaxation, and enhancing the immune system The oils are used to eliminate dormant viruses and bacteria along the spine and feet. The Essential Wellness Therapy can be incorporated into your massage service.

$105 | 60 minutes (Essential Wellness Therapy)
$145 | 90 minutes (Essential Wellness Therapy with Massage)

Treatment Enhancements

Customize your next treatment with a spa enhancements such as aromatherapy, hot stones, a foot treatment, a scalp treatment, a foot scrub, or hot and cold therapy.
$15 per enhancement

Reiki (Energy Therapy)

Reiki is a healing modality which deals with chi (life force energy). Chi is all around us, it is in all living things. Sometimes we have blockages in our bodies that prevent chi from flowing evenly, which can have an effect on our mental or physical well-being. During a Reiki treatment the Reiki practitioner places hands on the client to move energy through the Chakras within the body, clearing out blockages and allowing chi to flow freely. Reiki balances and harmonizes energy, reduces stress and promotes healing. Reiki is not associated with any form of religion, and is safe for everyone.

$70   | 60 minutes
$85   | 75 minutes
$100 | 90 minutes