Meditative Massage


From the moment I greet my client I want them to immediately feel at ease and know that I will treat them with the utmost care and respect. Regardless if this client gets a massage weekly or this is an occasional luxury, I know they are excited about their service and most likely looked forward to it all week. I strive to exceed that expectation.

My touch is with one thought only, loving kindness. Giving a massage is truly just that, a pure act of loving kindness. Within their service they should feel only that. Any stress, worry, fear or pain, be it physical, mental, or emotional, can simply be let go for now.  I will carry it for them for a time. I often lead my client though a meditative massage, instructing them to focus first on my hands, then on their skin and lastly on their breath. As they do, they allow those aches to dissolve into the touch.

Knowing what massage a client has selected is a great starting point for their service, but ultimately, their body is going to tell me what they need. During the session that may mean the spiritual movements of Lomi Lomi, the soothing glide of Swedish, fantastic Thai stretching, or some serious deep tissue work. My strength is knowing which is best for my client.

One of my favorite services is Couples Training. It thrills me to be there at the beginning of a beautiful couple’s experience. Working two people through the shyness and hesitancy at the start of their journey and leading them through to the excitement of touching and healing each other is priceless. I love seeing the joy on their faces.

I hope that my clients take with them a sense of well being. Therapeutic massage is about more than taking care of what hurts now. It is wellness, pure and simple. And what do they say? If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Yeah, that’s me.


Rebekah Butler, LMBT

Urbana Wellness Spa