Urbana Wellness Spa is an award winning spa, focused on giving you the perfect treatment in Charlotte NC.  Experience pure de-stressing, balancing, healing, and wellness using therapies both ancient and ultra-modern.  We specialize in a variety of massage modalities. Our therapists and estheticians are above and beyond the best with tremendous experience, education and integrity.

Urbana Head to Toe
This full body treatment begins with a stimulating scalp massage and treatment that lulls you deeper into relaxation. After the relaxing scalp treatment you will enjoy the benefits of our signature East West Massage. The service concludes with a tension melting foot massage that includes warm stones.
$125 | 75 minutes
$145 | 90 minutes

Sole Balance
Melt your tension away with this 60 minute massage that focuses only on your head, hands, and feet. This service combines the healing touch of foot massage, a deep hand massage, and a stress melting scalp massage.
$  95 | 60 minutes (feet, hands, and head only)

Rejuvenating Soothe & Smooth
Fall in love with the benefits of this relaxing and de-stressing treatment. Our signature refreshing oils glide over the skin in a moisturizing and nourishing massage that calms, eases stress and relaxes the body.
$115 | 60 minutes
$144 | 75 minutes
$173 | 90 minutes
$230 | 120 minutes

Restful Renewal Massage

Find a new meaning for true relaxation with Urbana’s Signature Restful Renewal Massage. This service is designed to help you reach a deeper state of restfulness, through a healing touch and aromatherapy. With this service you begin to unwind with a stress melting head massage, followed by a decompressing reflexology. Incased in fragrant and soothing aromatherapy, your will experience a full body purposeful massage that well guide you to a deep state of relaxation. Your service will conclude with a 30 minute comfortable rest for you to drift and renew in a relaxing state.

$60   | 30 min (30 Minute Renewal Only)
$115 | 75 min (45 Minute Restful Massage with 30 Minute Renewal)
$135 | 90 min (60 Minute Restful Massage with 30 Minute Renewal)
$185 | 120 min (90 Minute Restful Massage with 30 Minute Renewal)