Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics and Massage Therapy for Reduced Stress

Typically, we do not think about body mechanics much on a daily basis. What is it? It is proper body movements that help prevent and correct posture problems, reduce stress, and enhance physical capabilities. In reality, we SHOULD be thinking about it on a daily basis. Improper body movements increase posture problems and stress.

Through massage therapy people can relax and relieve stress.

When away from Urbana Wellness Spa, I recommend that everyone try the 20-20-20 rule and make it your personal rule. Use it every day and you will feel the difference in no time. This rule was created to prevent eye strain; however, it can prevent any muscle strain throughout the whole body.

For eye strain it means:

  • Every 20-minutes
  • Look at something 20-feet away
  • For 20-seconds

You can practice this with any muscle that you feel is getting strained or tired. Whenever you are sitting at your desk at work, do not stay in one position for any longer than 20-minutes. Take at least a 20-second break, stretch your neck for at least 20-seconds, and stretch those pectoral muscles for 20-seconds, stretch that back, those fingers, feet… whatever feels like it is getting tired. I promise you will feel like you have been at work for only two hours, but your shift is almost over! And then come and share your testimony with us.

Stay tuned for more body mechanics tips…Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the pampering; enjoy the massage!

Inna Legun, LMBT

Urbana Wellness Spa