Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage TherapyPrenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman’s life and her body goes through a wondrous change as a new life grows inside. Yet, those changes can sometimes bring discomfort as her body adjusts to accommodate her growing baby and prepares for childbirth. Prenatal massage therapy can help women with the aches, pains and stress of pregnancy. For women in Charlotte, NC, the benefits of prenatal massage are extensive.

What Is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage therapy is tailored specifically to the needs and changing bodies of pregnant women. Prenatal massage focuses on improving circulation and mobility, easing sore muscles, and relaxing tension. It is performed by trained therapists who have undergone specific training in prenatal massage techniques.

Immediate Benefits of Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage provides immediate and long-term benefits. For women who are struggling with pain and discomfort during pregnancy due to changing body shape and tight, tense muscles, the immediate prenatal massage benefits listed below are some of the most welcome:

  • Headache relief
    Pregnant women often suffer from headaches due to increased tension on the neck, increased overall stress, and hormone fluctuation. Massage therapy focused on the shoulders, head and neck can help reduce pain from headaches. In addition, the stress release that occurs during massage therapy can lessen tension headaches.
  • Release of serotonin
    Massage therapy causes the body to release serotonin, a chemical that serves as a natural pain reliever. This means that some of the aches and pains of pregnancy are helped by massage simply because of this chemical.
  • Decreased muscle tension and nerve pain
    Carrying extra weight from pregnancy and the change in center of gravity cause increased muscle tension. Massage therapy helps improve circulation throughout the body and specifically to afflicted areas, and this in turn helps promote the flow of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic fluid helps pull toxins out of the muscles, reducing tension across the body. Nerve pain of pregnancy, such as sciatica pain, is also reduced with the help of gentle massage.
  • Relief of edema
    Pregnant women often find themselves retaining water, particularly in their lower extremities. The increased circulation caused by massage therapy treatment can help remove some of this excess fluid and reduce the discomfort of edema.
  • Reduction in stress
    Pregnancy is a stressful time! After a prenatal massage, women can feel more relaxed, which can lead to lower stress levels.
  • Improved energy levels
    Reduced stress, improved circulation and a reduction of toxins throughout the body all add up to a greater amount of energy. In fact, pregnant women experience a 10 to 15 percent increase in blood oxygen levels after massage, and that translates into more energy. While pregnancy understandably makes women tired, women who enjoy massage therapy and get enough sleep will have fewer problems with low energy levels.

Long-Term Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Reducing muscular tension and stress, while increasing energy are all excellent prenatal massage benefits, but some benefits go beyond the immediate effect of the treatment. Women who have prenatal massage, for instance, have better regulated hormones throughout pregnancy. This balance leads to fewer complications during birth and fewer complications for the newborn baby.

Also, a woman who has increased circulation due to massage is able to get more oxygen throughout the pregnancy, and her baby is able to receive more nutrients. This leads to improved outcomes for both, as well.

Pregnant women who experience massage during pregnancy are at a lower risk for depression. This means that they have a smaller chance of developing postpartum depression, which greatly impacts a mom’s ability to bond with her newborn baby.

Finally, massage therapy helps tone loose muscles and increase flexibility. This, in turn, can make the birthing process much less difficult on the body.

Massage therapy brings tremendous benefits to the mother as well as the baby during pregnancy, while also helping the body prepare for the challenges of birth. If you are expecting, give yourself the best possible pregnancy experience with the help of prenatal massage.